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James Ratliff Gallery announces the exhibit of

Sedona Shadows

Sedona Shadows Bronze Sculpture & Oil Paintings

Beginning November 5th, 2021, the James Ratliff Gallery will present notable works by painter and sculptor Diann Kincaid. Apprized as the Sedona Shadow Chaser, Kincaid’s body of work replicates her accomplished achievement of shadow chasing through bronzed sculpture and oil paintings.

The “Sedona Shadows” bronze sculpture’s elegant forms stand stoic, exhibiting soft undulations of rhythmic detail that convey an intriguing aura. Kincaid has sculpted Buffalo Girl, Slim & Shadow, and Cowboy in Chaps with Gold as her most significant works in bronze. 

In addition, the “Sedona Shadows” oil paintings of the Wrangler, Galloping Mustang, and Cowboy in Chaps with Gold dramatically reflect the pioneering attributes of the sacred land they once stood on.

Gallery owner James Ratliff describes Kincaid’s art as “Post Modern Expressionism” and perceives its aesthetic influence from unexpected places and tells its own story through exaggeration, which, emotionally, brings Diann’s audience into her world.