Christine DeSpain Schroeder’s

Acrylic Interpretive Abstracts

Inspiration comes from dreaming of the natural world. Christine DeSpain Schroeder’s newest collection reflects both the living environment and the spiritual world she experiences in the southwest.

Christine was born and raised in the Southwest. Many artists take their inspiration from the results of nature’s wonder and try to recreate its beauty, painting landscapes and flowers with great success. DeSpain takes this inspiration one step further in her new collection, using natural forces and the natural flow and grace of Mother Nature. She uses the natural processes of wind, flow, gravity, and erosion, to create abstracts of the geography she lives in. The result is the viewer is drawn into the canvas which is a living landscape reminiscent of viewing a canyon from on high or flying over waves. This dream-like abstraction is created because she uses natural processes as her medium; she allows the paint to move naturally across the canvas and uses wind and flow as her paintbrush. The result is something familiar, but hard to first describe in words, because the viewer has seen these images before, either by plane or standing on a high cliff.  Images appear in each original painting that are unique from one view to the next.