About the James Ratliff Gallery

James Ratliff

Over the last 50+ years owning an Arizona Gallery, 30+ of those years in Sedona, the name James Ratliff has been synonymous with fine art. Jim’s love of art began in kindergarten and has grown steadily throughout his life. Beginning with owning the first gallery on Main Street in Scottsdale in the 60’s, to taking art to various parts of the state as part of the Arizona Arts and Commission on the Arts education program…. Jim’s love of art has steadily evolved to the point where Jim is looked to for guidance by many established and beginning artists and clients today.

Today’s James Ratliff Gallery has been located in Sedona, AZ for the past 30+ years. The artists in his gallery must have talent, show that they can keep that level of accomplishment, and produce one of a kind original artwork.

James Ratliff has had years of experience selling the art of many now famous artists such as Calder, O’Keefe, Gorman, Zuniga, Tamayo and Scholder, to name a few….. and will not settle for inferior or mass produced works, as Jim Ratliff it is always about looking out for the art lover as well as the artist.

Patricia Ratliff

June 1939 – October 2018 Patricia Ratliff was a multi-faceted person who has spent years as a music teacher in both elementary schools and at the college level. She had Master’s degrees both in piano performance and music education, and has enjoyed teaching private piano to gifted students for many years.

In addition, Pat was the co-owner/operator of an innovative restaurant in Sedona, AZ called Eat Your Heart Out for eight and a half years. And, since those years, she had worked with her husband, Jim Ratliff, as co-owner of the long established, highly regarded James Ratliff Gallery in Sedona, AZ.

Pat had painted off and on for most of her life. Her style might be called Magic Realism.

The arts, whether visual or musical, have played a continuous part in Pat’s life and serve to put balance into her world. Both Pat and Jim welcome you to the James Ratliff Gallery, and Jim is here to engage your artistic sensibilities and to provide the service and support you may need while perusing the myriad forms of art found in the gallery.

Jim and Pat welcome you to our gallery.